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this is disco:

Administrative Maximum: Towards the End of the Broadcast
Administrative Maximum: Towards the End of the Broadcast is an interactive web project that investigates issues of control, desires for mediated violence, and the nature of the voyeuristic impulse in a culture where technology both limits autonomy and provides for unmitigated possibilities for utopian agency in the world of digital fantasy. An aggressive and oversaturated network of stimuli and possible performance strategies, the viewer is given moments of choice only to be thwarted by predetermined outcomes that reveal the impossibility of winning. The site is developed from several hundred pages of interactive flash animations and games, live video feeds combed from the internet, and sound, and is continuously being expanded.
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Author: Benjamin Rosenthal, USA, 19.06 23:35
Benjamin Rosenthal (born 1984, New York, NY) received his BFA in Art from Carnegie Mellon in 2006 and his MFA in Art Studio from the University of California, Davis in 2011. Working across a variety of disciplinary structures (performance, video, the internet, radio, drawing, and object making) he e ... etc. etc.
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