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Colour Data
Human impulse tries to accurately capture, classify and grasp the environment that we inhabit. This work is the result of a pseudo-scientific investigation into the translation of data, based on the colour found in carefully collected samples. Here, a unique formula has been developed for the translation of this colour into music, a simultaneously meaningful and meaningless process. Any notions of objective representation become undermined by our inability to remove ourselves from our assumptions. Every individual can contribute a valid element to the bigger picture but will never be able to step out of his or her subjective context.
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Autor/in: Savannah Theis, United Kingdom, 25.06 23:52
Through self-imposed rules and meticulous working methods I delve into the realm of meaningful meaninglessness, highlighting the beauty, validity and simultaneous futility of man-made constructs. My recent work explores the role of language and classificatory taxonomies in influencing and manipulati ... etc. etc.
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