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In 2000 I reserved a planet and gave it the name RESERVED#2050. You can find this planet in the constellation Saggitarius. Since that time I construct buildings on this planet. A planet at least one with “balls”, like the Earth. The architectual design of these buildings cq. objects seems build in acient times, but in the same time it’s clear they are build for the future. My historical departure develops in photograhps and instalations which is the present and a view for the future. After 2050 these buildings, designs will be transfugurated to planet RESERVED#2050.
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Autor/in: Henk Wijnen, NL, 25.06 12:26
professional visual artist, working in all kinds of media: video, photography, installations, objects, books> exhibitions, projects, lectures, workshops all over the world. Working with other artists. Latest collaboration iswith Wim van Sijl: Het Nieuwe Schutterstuk. (google!)
> i like it very much. the immagination of a disco impossible somewhere in the stone dessert ... - wildprovider
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