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Karaoke killed the Video star:

Videoke presents a serie of portraits of Tondo’s inhabitants - the popular district of Manila – as actors of videoke. Karaoke, Ktv or Videoke appears in the Philippines - such as in the South East area - as a wide- spread practice, close to theatre or to an outlet. The different sequences show how people become occasionally singers/actors, using pop songs of local or international culture.
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Autor/in: raphaël Blum, france, 24.06 22:39
Born in 1966 Live, travel and work in Paris, South East Asia and South America. Raphaël Blum develops a work close to anthropological field about the question of exoticism, in different geographical contexts, urban or not ( Paris, Philippines, South America ). His work deals with the possibil ... etc. etc.
> einblick in eine ganz neue welt bzw. berufsgruppe im kontext zu unmglichen diskotheken genauso - wildprovider
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