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A sequence of about one second is repeated all along this experimentation aiming at transfigurating a commonplace into a coherent work. The motion of the windshield wipers is treated as a mere utensil, a found object, used to create a visual and musical composition. The sequence, filmed at the entrance of a turn, never ends to the turn itself and the impossible movement, never performed, frustrates the viewer’s mental preparation.
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Autor/in: Jean-Michel Rolland, France, 02.06 13:08
A musician for a long time then a painter, I have decided to focus on video art to make my two favorite medium meet: sound and image. My work aims at making these two medium interdependent. At the origin of each of my creations, musicality plays a role as important as image does and each one influ ... etc. etc.
> cool - wildprovider
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