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Alle Beiträge letzter Beitrag

99 Meditations on Chords and Colors V3.1
Classical music was created in a time when people weren't acquainted with noise. The loudest sounds were thunder and church bell. Music was rare, and sounds of musical instruments were refreshing and exciting. Today we are overcrowded with sounds: music in supermarkets, bars, and in our earphones; traffic sounds in the street, advertising, movies, TV, radio, the Internet... It follows that the music for our time should rather open new empty spaces and create new silences. The work consists of 99 empty web pages. Each page is completely filled with one randomly chosen color and repeats a randomly chosen note, interval or chord from a natural scale.
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Autor/in: Andreja Andric, Italy, 31.05 23:07

> great idea! - wildprovider
> Thank you! - AA
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