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Internationaler Pixelstorm-Award 2011 - Call for Entries

The Pixelstorm-Award ist back and challenges you to participate! We are happy to announce that this edition is run by, Zurich, with Andres Wanner pulling the strings in the background.

+ Theme of the competition: DISCO IMPOSSIBLE. Disco impossible is a term for anything that's impossible - an unreachable goal, an impossible relationship, or a representation that does not work at all. In all the impossible discos of this world lies the power of the impossible, allowing new things to grow!.

+ Conditions: Between March 25th - June 25th, entries can be uploaded onto the platform Deadline for entries is June 25th 2011. After a short check, the submissions are published online. We only allow submissions that are actually referring to the theme. We have the right to exclude submissions without notice. The organizers themselves are allowed to participate, however they can only run for the audience-award.

+ Form: Pictures, Videos, Interactive Art - jpg, png, swf, mov, txt, mp3 - Works in different formats can be submitted, as long as they are presentable online. We wish for submissions that are tailored to the computer as an interactive medium, and to the World-Wide-Web. File size must not exceed 10 Megabytes.

+ Use: Entries will be presented on the platform By uploading, you agree to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence. Each Friday, a selection of works will be presented on

+ And now: Have fun!

Forward this call to other potential participants.
Best Regards

Mario + Andres
Board of Directors